This article lists the frequently asked questions on the UP Open University's (UPOU) Examination Services Program. Information about the program can be found in this article: UPOU Examination Services.

Please read each item carefully.

Please note that admission exams are not included in the Examination Services Program. For admission exam concerns, please send an email to the UPOU Admission Section via the UPOU Helpdesk. For inquiries and concerns regarding UPCAT, kindly visit this website: 

1. What is Examination Services? 

Examination Services is a program under the Office of Student Affairs that is responsible for the overall administration and delivery of academic examinations done at a UPOU designated examination venue. Academic examinations include midterm, make-up exam, removal/completion, final exam, comprehensive exam and admission test.

2. What are the types of examination administered in UPOU courses?

The types of exams are the proctored and non-proctored examinations. Proctored exams include the pen-and-paper test administered in a UPOU-accredited examination venue under the supervision of a UPOU-accredited examiner. Another type of proctored exam is an online-proctored exam administered using the UPOU Online Examination System (OES) also under the supervision of a UPOU accredited examiner.

The non-proctored exams are taken through the MyPortal or also through the Online Examination System (OES), however, these exams are FIC-administered.

3. Do the students have to take examination/s?

Yes, the students have to take examination/s if the course requires it. The Examination Services, however, is only responsible for the proctored exams, either pen and paper or online. Non-proctored exams are under the responsibility of the Faculty in Charge (FIC).

4. Where do I take the exams?

Proctored exams are normally taken at a UPOU-accredited examination venue such as school or university, public libraries and Philippine Embassy and Consulate Offices abroad. In UPOU, students need to apply for venue of proctored exams at the start of classes until a specified period of time in order to be included in the list of examinees.

5. How do I apply for venue of proctored course examination?

Students must check the course sites for the type of exam (proctored or non-proctored). If your course requires you to take a proctored exam, please go to the OSA website for the link.

6. Whom should I contact about administration of proctored course examinations?

Students may contact the Examination Services personnel. Inquiries for locally-based students must be directed to [email protected] c/o Ms. Glenda del Socorro and for offshore students to [email protected] c/o  Ms. Erlinda Manarin

7. When do I take my exams?

Examinations are taken during the specified schedule of exams, the dates of which are usually announced in the Course Guide. However, specific schedules (time) will be announced and posted in MyPortal and other platforms to facilitate dissemination of the information.

8. Is there a time limit for each course exam?
Course Exams with no special instructions will follow the default time of 3 hours for graduate programs and 2 hours for undergraduate programs.  In some cases, the FIC sets the time limit which will be implemented by the Examination Services.

9. What if I missed my examination/s within the semester?

For missed midterm exams, students will need to apply for a make-up examination while for missed final exams, students need to apply for completion exams which is scheduled in the following semester.

10. How do I apply for make up-exam?

Follow the procedures here. After accomplishing the application form, student will email it to their respective Faculty Office, copy furnished the Exam Services personnel on or before the deadline for each term. The Faculty-in-Charge will be the one to approve the request. Deadlines and schedules are indicated in the academic calendar.

11. How do I apply for removal/completion exam?

Students will need to apply for removal/completion exam through their Student Portal. The deadline for application as well as the removal/completion exam date can be found in the Academic Calendar.

12. What if I transfer location before the scheduled exam?

If at the time of your exam you will be in another location other than your nominated exam venue, you will need to request for change of exam venue.

13. How do I request for a change of exam venue?

For request for change of exam venue, please go to the OSA website for the link.

Application should be filed:

a) at least two weeks for exams to be taken in the Philippines;

b) at least three weeks for exams to be taken abroad.

Requests received after the deadlines of submission will not be processed and are automatically disapproved.

Contact information of the UPOU Examination Services Program

Exam Services Local
[email protected].ph

Exam Services Offshore
[email protected]

Exam Services Support
[email protected].com