Examination Services Program is one of the programs under the Office of Student Affairs and responsible for the over-all administration and delivery of academic examinations done at the University of the Philippines Open University such as midterm and final examinations, make-up examinations and comprehensive examinations.

It’s functions are:

  • scouting, evaluating and maintaining the pool of examination venue and proctors
  • distributing, supervising and collecting examination questionnaires from the faculty of studies
  • coordinating examination concerns of students and proctors
  • ensuring the integrity and security of examinations in compliance with university rules and
  • regulations.

For further inquiries about examinations, please send an email to your respective Faculty Office and to [email protected].

Note: If you are referring to admission exams (UgAT, MPM GAT, etc.), file a ticket on the UPOU Helpdesk (https://helpdesk.upou.edu.ph). If you are referring to UPCAT, please visit this website: https://upcat.up.edu.ph/.

Check this article for the frequently asked questions about the program: FAQs on Examination Services