Enrollment at UPOU is done through the online registration system (ORS) which can be accessed via the Student Portal. Only students who are eligible to enroll are given access to the Online Registration System (ORS).

The ORS is only accessible from the first day to the last day of the enrollment period. Students need to complete their enrollment and uploading of proof of payment on or before the last day of enrollment. Note that the assessment of fees is also done on the ORS, and full payment of enrollment fees is required for enrollment. Enrollment and payment of fees must be completed within the registration period. Refer to the academic calendar for enrollment schedules.

All registration fees must be paid in full during the prescribed enrollment period. For scholarship or financial assistance, refer to the Office of the Student Affairs website for information.

Some important reminders before enrolling:

  • For first time enrollees: Click on the “Request for Password” link on the homepage of the Student Portal and enter the student number assigned during admissions. Check your email for the system-generated password. Use this password when logging in to the Student Portal.
  • For all enrollees: Please make sure you are eligible to enroll and have sought academic advising before enrolling. Go to the Course Offerings page for the list of courses offered for the term.

How to enroll or register courses: 

Step 1: Log in to the Student Portal and access the Online Registration System (ORS).

Step 2: Select the term and select courses by clicking the course number/code. The system will automatically display the assessment of fees once courses are selected.

Step 3: Pay the registration fees through one of the payment facilities. Get a copy of the bank-validated slip/credit card transaction slip/official receipt. Upload a scanned copy/digital image of the payment slip to complete your enrollment.

Step 4: Wait for the confirmation of your enrollment. Students who pay their fees using the online payment option and those on scholarship will receive an automatic confirmation of enrollment.

Select students can also opt for manual enrollment. Kindly read more about it here.

Contact information of UPOU Registration Section

UPOU Registration
[email protected]
(6349) 536-6001 local 102/106