Refund of fees due to change matriculation and overassessment

A student who has paid his/her matriculation fee and wishes to withdraw his/her registration shall be entitled to a refund, except entrance and registration fees, in accordance with the following schedule:

  • Withdrawal on or before the start of classes — 100%
  • Withdrawal after the start of classes ——– 80%
    • Semester schedule – on or before one month after the start of classes
    • Trimester schedule – on or before three (3) weeks after the start of classes

Course materials are the property of students, hence, no refund will be made.

Students with overpayment, or those who have an approved scholarship grant, or who are eligible for free tuition and tuition fee exemptions, or who have reduced fee privileges may also apply for refund or reimbursement of payment.


  1. If refund is due to withdrawal of enrollment:
    • Letter request for withdrawal of enrollment.
    • Reason/s for withdrawal of enrollment must be stated in the letter request.
  2. Accomplished Refund Application Form
  3. Copy of Registration form (Form 5)
  4. Copy of proof of payment
  5. Other supporting documents (e.g change mat form)

How to apply for Refund of Fees:

Step 1. Email scanned copy of all the requirements to the Registration Section via the UPOU Helpdesk within the allowed period for refund,

Step 2. Wait for the release of the check to be sent to your preferred mailing address. Other refund option includes e-credit and payment reversal for online credit card payment.

For questions or follow-ups, reach the Registration Section via the UPOU Helpdesk or call (+63 049 536 6001 to 6006 local 102/106).