[based on the UPOU Academic Policies and Procedures Manual, March 2021]

A University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU) student who does not intend to enroll in a given term may apply for a leave of absence (LOA). This is also applicable to currently-enrolled student who intends to withdraw his/her enrolment for the rest of the term. A student on leave of absence does not sever his/her ties with the University [revised during the UP Open University Academic Policies and Procedures Workshop in April and May 2019].

A request for a leave of absence should be made in writing to the Dean. The request should state the reason for the leave and should specify the period. The leave may be approved for a period of one (1) year but may be renewed for at most another year [from Art. 401 of the UP System Code].

If a student withdraws after 3⁄4 of the total number of hours prescribed for the subject has already elapsed, the faculty member may submit a grade of “5” for the subject if the class standing up to the time of the withdrawal is below “3” [from Art. 402 UP System Code].

The LOA is counted in the residency to the program. A student who is granted official Leave of Absence (LOA) will be given DRP for the courses he/she is currently enrolled in, with LOA under the Remarks column in the final report of grades. The rules governing the period of dropping will apply to the grade of DRP given to the student as a result of LOA status [approved during the 1st University Council Meeting of the University of the Philippines Open University].

Guidelines on filing LOA [from 822nd BOR meeting on 31 July 1972]:

a. The College, through the Dean or the duly authorized representative, shall inform the University Registrar and the parents/guardian of every student granted leave of absence, indicating the reasons for the leave and the amount of money

refunded to the student, if any.

b. For a leave of absence to be availed of during the second half of the semester, faculty members concerned shall be required to indicate the class standing of the student (“Passing” or “Failing”) at the time of the application for the leave. No application for leave of absence shall be approved without the class standing being indicated by the instructors concerned. This, however, should not be entered in the official Report of Grades.

c. No leave of absence shall be granted during the semester within two (2) weeks before the last day of classes. If the inability of the student to continue classes is for reasons of health or similar justifiable causes, the absence during this period shall be considered excused. In such cases, the students shall be required to apply for excuse from the absences. It shall be the responsibility of the student to present an excuse slip to the faculty members concerned.

Note: The FIC shall give a grade of DRP with LOA remark to those students who filed for LOA within the prescribed period.

Application for LOA Procedure:

Step 1: A student files an online application for LOA and uploads proof of payment through the Student Portal (https://our.upou.edu.ph/student) on or before the set deadline

Step 2: The Secretary to the Faculty (FS) evaluates and approves/

disapproves the application for LOA

Step 3: The Faculty Office (FO) forwards the printed approved or

disapproved forms to the OUR

Note: The Faculty Office should ensure that the evaluated forms are sent to the OUR before the next registration period.

Step 4: The FO prepares a summary of approved LOA and sends a copy to FIC per course before the deadline of submission of final grades

Step 5: The Records Section of the OUR encodes the evaluated applications

Step 6: The FIC gives student a grade of “DRP LOA” in the Online Submission of Grades