[based on the UPOU Academic Policies and Procedures Manual, March 2021]

Graduating students must file an application for graduation during the prescribed schedule of the term of his/her last term in the program. "No Application, No Graduation" policy is strictly implemented. The student must be currently enrolled when applying for graduation [revised during the UP Open University Academic Policies and Procedures Workshop in April and May 2019]. Please refer to the academic calendar for the deadline for filing the application for graduation.

Based on the E.O. No 1. and E.O.2, the approval of late application for graduation is within the authority of the Chancellor (UP OSU Handbook of Existing Delineation of Authority in the University, 2008, p. 23).

For more information about the UPOU Commencement Exercises and the graduation checklist, visit the Graduation page.

The following is the procedure for the Application for Graduation:

Step 1: A student fills out the Application for Graduation Form 

Step 2: The student submits the form to the respective Faculty Office (FO) at the start of each term/semester

Note: Refer to the Academic Calendar posted at the OUR website for the deadline for filing of application for graduation. 

Step 3: The FO processes the application for graduation

(1) Compiles a list and sends it to the Records Section of the OUR

(2) Evaluates the student’s academic record

(3) Compiles the list of names (which may be sent to the Program Chair for checking) Note: The OUR provides information related to the student records if the FO asks for it.

Step 4: The Records Section processes the application for graduation simultaneously with the FOs

(1) Receives list of students with application for graduation from the FO

(2) Pulls out folders of the prospective graduates

(3) Prints copy of grades

(4) Evaluates records of the prospective graduates

(5) Calls for a meeting with the FOs for counterchecking of records

Step 5: The Records Section and representative of the FO countercheck the records of the students

Step 6: The Secretary to the Faculty (FS) presents the list of candidates for graduation during the Executive Committee Meeting of the Faculty and the Faculty Council Meeting 

Step 7: The Records Section, upon receiving the list from the FOs

(1) Gives list to OUR for re-checking of the records (i.e., if grades are completed, correct spelling, etc.)

(2) Computes GWA of the prospective graduates

(3) Gives final list of prospective graduates to be used for University Council meeting

Step 8: The Dean presents the list of candidates for graduation at the University Council meeting for deliberation and approval


  • The final list of graduates will come out after the deliberation during the University Council meeting. This list will be presented to the Board of Regents (BOR) for approval.
  • The schedules of meetings are specified in the Academic Calendar posted on the OUR website.


Step 9: The Records Section prints a copy of the list for submission to the Office of the President for the BOR meeting 

Step 10: The OUR notifies the student and sends (both through mail and email) the graduation pack that includes a congratulatory letter, a request for TOR, and a University Clearance Form once the BOR approves the list of candidates for graduation

Note: For follow-up inquiries, email the Office of the University Registrar (OUR), Record Section at [email protected]

Step 11: The OUR sends graduation packs that contain graduation guidelines, dress code, and University of the Philippines alumni Association (UPAA) and UPOU forms  

Application Requirement:

  1. Accomplished Application Form for Graduation.

How to apply for Graduation:

Step 1: Submit/Email the filled-out application form for graduation to your Faculty of Study (FEd, FICS, or FMDS); copy furnish the Records Section at [email protected].

Step 2: Wait for an email from the Faculty of Study or the Office of the University Registrar for the application results.