Admission to the Professional Teaching Certification Program

This article will guide you through relevant information about the admission qualifications, procedures, and requirements to the Professional Teaching Certificate program. Please read through this article carefully.

The Professional Teaching Certificate (PTC) program is open for admission every trimesterYou may click on any section in the Contents to directly navigate you to the information you need. 


What are the admission guidelines for the PTC program?

Please take note of the following:

  1. For a new applicant, admission application may be approved based on the credentials of the applicant and the accomplishment of the admission requirements. Once approved, the student can enroll in the PTC courses offered in each term.
  2. For current students of UPOU programs, they need not apply to PTC if they wished to enroll in PTC courses. They can enroll in PTC courses as extra courses of their program in the University. However, their enrollment to the PTC courses should have a prior approval from both program chair of their degree program and the program coordinator of PTC.
  3. For an applicant who is applying for PTC and another UPOU program, both applications can be processed. However, in a case where both applications are approved by the respective program admission committee, the student should choose which program they would pursue in the University. If they should choose to pursue PTC, they should be considered as non-degree student and should not be allowed to apply for a degree program in the University. Unless, they would sever themselves from the PTC program. Severing from the PTC program should be done through a clearance.

What are the admission qualifications for the PTC program?

To be admitted to the PTC program, the applicant must:

  1. have satisfied the program-specific requirements listed in the program’s information and curriculum;
  2. have submitted the complete documentary requirements for admission before the application deadline; and
  3. have completed the UPOU Distance Education (DE) Readiness Module. Link to the DERM will be emailed by the UPOU Admission Section.

Take note that there is no qualifying or entrance exam for the PTC program. 

What are the admission requirements for the PTC program?

Aside from the PTC-specific requirements, applicants must also secure the following:

  1. Print copy of the signed application for admission form generated from the Online Application System.
  2. Photocopy of the Official Transcript of Records (OTR) for all degrees earned;
  3. Proof payment of application fee (non-refundable) amounting to PhP 500.00 for applicants based in the Philippines or USD 100.00 for applicants based abroad. Payment procedures are available in the Online Application System.
  4. Two pieces identical 2” x 2” photos and two pieces identical 1” x 1” photos, with your name and the program applied for printed at the back of the photos;
  5. Photocopy of NSO or PSA Birth Certificate;
  6. Photocopy of government-issued IDs with photo.

What are the admission procedures to the PTC program?

Step 1: Apply for admission and upload the admission requirements through the Online Application System (OAS). Monitor the progress of your application through the OAS. Please visit this link to view UPOU's admission deadlines. 

Step 2: Mail or bring the complete and valid admission requirements on or before the deadline to the address below:

The Admission Section

Office of the University Registrar

UP Open University

Los Baños, Laguna 4031 Philippines


If a deadline has passed, applications for that deadline will no longer be accepted and will be evaluated for next Trimester.

If you missed the deadline, you can expect the next deadline to be around the same date/period as the previous deadline. To be sure, always visit this page for updates.

Step 3: Complete the DERM. The link to the DERM will be emailed by admissions.

Step 4: Wait for an email from the OUR for the admission results. Results of the evaluation will be released after the evaluation of the PTC Admissions Committee and before the registration/enrollment period of the applied term.

How much is the tuition for the PTC program?

Tuition is PhP 1,000.00/unit. Trimestral tuition for the program is PhP 8,200.00 for the maximum allowable load of 6 units. Click on the links for the schedule of tuition and payment procedures

I have other questions.

For more information about the program, please visit the program webpage here: Professional Teaching Certificate

For further admission inquiries and follow-ups on the status of your application, send an email to the UPOU Admission Section via the UPOU Helpdesk.

You can also browse through or for more information. You may call us at 049 536 6001 to 06 local 199 for assistance. 


Due to the COVID-19 situation, UPOU landlines may be unattended at times since staff are observing a skeletal schedule. It would be best to reach us via the UPOU Helpdesk.

We look forward to having you as our student!