[based on the UPOU Academic Policies and Procedures Manual, March 2021]

The University maintains various records of students to document their academic progress and to record their interaction with University staff and officials. Except for the directory of currently registered students, which is open to the public, students’ records are generally considered confidential. The directory provides information on each student’s name, ID number, college, course, classification, and email address.

The following policies govern access to student records that are confidential in nature:

  • Each type of student record is the responsibility of a designated University official, and only that person or the Dean, Director or Vice Chancellor to whom that official reports has authority to release a record in the absence of said official.
  • Confidential educational records and personally identifiable information from those records will not be released without the written consent of the student involved. However, it shall be released without said written consent to the concerned University personnel in connection with the student’s application for financial aid or in response to a judicial order or subpoena, or in a bonafide health or safety emergency.
  • The responsible official may release records to University personnel with a legitimate need of the information.
  • University personnel who have access to student educational records in the course of carrying out their University responsibilities shall not be permitted to release the record to persons outside the University, unless authorized in writing by the student or as required by a court order. Only the official responsible for the records has the authority to release them.
  • All personal information about a student shall be released to a third party on condition that no one else shall have access to it except upon the student’s consent.

[approved during the 1st University Council Meeting of the UP Open University]

Withholding Records

When a student has pending financial obligations to the University, or when he/she has been charged with an official disciplinary action, the appropriate University official may request that the student’s record (e.g., transcripts, registration forms) be withheld. Prior to any release of records in the case described above, the Office of the University Registrar must receive written authorization from the official who originally requested the action, indicating that the student has met the obligation. [approved during the 1st University Council Meeting of the UP Open University].

Policy on Transcript of Records

A student’s transcript of records is released by the Office of the University Registrar upon the student's request and payment of the transcript preparation fee, and upon clearance by the university. The OUR does not issue partial transcript of records. In lieu of this, other record of grades will be released. [revised during the UP Open University Academic Policies and Procedures Workshop in April and May 2019]


Request for Documents: https://helpdesk.upou.edu.ph/support/solutions/articles/48001149410-request-for-documents
Updating/Changing student information: https://registrar.upou.edu.ph/change-information/