Change of Admission Status

[based on the UPOU Academic Policies and Procedures Manual, March 2021]

1. From Provisional to Regular

If the admission status of a student is provisional, this means that the student failed to submit all the documents, especially the original and valid copy of the Transcript of Records (TOR) required for admission to the program (see here the remarks that make TOR valid). The student must satisfy the documentary requirements within the first semester of enrollment. Failure to do so would mean non-eligibility for enrollment for the succeeding term. To change the admission status from provisional to regular:

Step 1: The student submits a valid TOR to the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) within the term of first enrollment.

Step 2: The OUR evaluates the submitted TOR, inserts the additional requirements, and updates the database and admission status of the student

2. From Probationary to Regular

If the admission status of a student is probationary, this means that the student did not satisfy the academic requirements for admission to the program. The student can be reclassified as a regular student of the program after satisfying the set general weighted average (GWA) for the required number of units and/or courses. To change the admission status from probationary to regular:

Step 1: The student requests the Program Chair (PC) to re-evaluate his/her academic status once the student meets and/or completes the academic requirements.

Step 2: The PC endorses his/her decision on the evaluation to the Faculty Dean for approval.

Step 3: Upon approval, the Secretary to the Faculty (FS) shall keep a record and provides a copy to the Records Section.

[from the UPOU OUR Operations Manual 2014]