The types of admission are classified based on the admission requirements.

1. Regular means the applicant has satisfied all the admission requirements of the program.

2. Probationary means the applicant did not satisfy the academic requirements for admission to the program. The student can be reclassified as a regular student of the program after satisfying the set GWA for the required number of units and/or courses. The probationary status of the applicant will be changed by the Faculty Secretaries upon the recommendation of the Program Chairs and approval of the Faculty Deans.

3. Provisional means the applicant submitted a Certificate of Transfer Credential/Eligibility to Transfer which will be used to obtain his/her valid Transcript of Records through a school-to-school transaction. The provisional status of the applicant will be changed by the Office of the University Registrar upon receipt of the student’s valid TOR from the previous school/university [revised during the UP Open University Academic Policies and Procedures Workshop in April and May 2019].