Note: These were written from UPOU students’ perspectives.

[1] Time management, dedication and most especially putting excellence on what you are doing. 

Time management. It is very important to have a proper time management on how to be able to juggle extensive readings, quizzes and requirements. Every term is daunting and it is easy to procrastinate.

Dedication. I think time management and dedication are connected. For me, dedication is having an end goal in mind and a matter of priority. If I really want to be able to learn and finish my course, then I will allot a dedicated time to study or if I want to hangout but I have a deadline, then I must refuse or reschedule if that will not fit my calendar.

Excellence. As UP upholds “Honor and Excellence,” it is important that in everything that you are doing, especially for a course requirement to do your best and not to treat it as something like “pwede na ito, basta may maipasa,” it is very easy to think that way especially if you feel lazy or you are very close to the 11:59 time bomb. 

[2] Know your activity’s objectives, and if available, familiarize yourself with its rubrics. 

Time management is a given, and it’s highly unlikely that our teachers would give you something that one would consider as a filler. This is why reading the course guide matters, too. You need to know what this subject is for and what are its end goals, similarly to how you would examine your activities and projects. Only then you would be able to align your priorities to bring about the best shot you could take at a project that you need to tackle. It’s as simple as knowing what you need to do, and checking how you’ve done it based on the rubrics that were given and the objective of the activity or the course it was built upon.