When the UP Open University (UPOU) adopted online learning as a mode to deliver its courses in 2007, it developed a website where students can access their courses and student support services as well as receive important notifications from the university. It is called Myportal, an open source learning management system powered by Moodle.

All the interactions between and among teachers and students take place in Myportal. Each

online course (or subject) has its own virtual classroom or what we in UPOU call

the ‘course site.’

Course orientations are available on the UPOU MyPortal. You have to log in to your account, visit a specific course, and look for the orientation file/course guide prepared by the Faculty-in-Charge (FIC).

Classes or interactions in the UPOU MyPortal are mostly asynchronous. Synchronous or real-time meetings, if any, are usually announced by the FIC beforehand.