Note: These were written from UPOU students’ perspectives.

[1] Treasure everything that you are learning not only in the aspect of academics but especially life experiences and challenges inside the university. As for learning resources, UPOU offers tons of learning materials that are meant to be discovered. As for me, I took the opportunity to be a student assistant since I believe this is a good opportunity and another learning experience from me. The bottom line is not to take things for granted.   

[2] Accept that fact that doing nothing, in itself, is a necessary activity for your wellbeing. Being in an online environment means that there’s not much of a difference when you’re switching from your academics to your hobby and trust me, it would work greatly when you’re starting out. Though, as time goes on, its effect would diminish until it would leave you tired as well, leaving you to wonder what went wrong; this is the reason why rest is necessary, so train yourself to do nothing if you have to. 

Keep a hobby, use the time that the university gives you to pursue your passions and rest if you have to; that’s the way you could make the most of UPOU.