Note: These were written from UPOU students’ perspectives.

[1] Just like any other student, we also have struggles but the struggle of being a UPOU student is different. As an independent learner, there are a lot of things that need to be managed especially time because distance learning means flexibility. For me, it is adding “more” on self-discipline, time management, and being resourceful because being a distance learner is building a self-management system. 

[2] I’d have to say that you’re like any student out there, but you're fighting a battle that is more unique and has its own merits, and of course, demerits; you need to understand that. Other students would spend their time walking around the campus, but you, on the other hand, would probably spend more time reading your modules. It’s special in a way like you’re playing a game. It gives you all the time in the world that could mean a smooth sailing experience if you played your cards right, and a painful walk on a carpet of nails if you somehow forgot about your deadlines. So, as a piece of advice, you would have the time in the world to pursue a hobby or two while you study, but manage your time so you won’t have to suffer because of it. Trust me, you’ll burn yourself out trying.