Note: These were written from UPOU students’ perspectives.

[1] I visit the UPOU Headquarters (HQ) more often during my first term and I can say that the staff and faculty are very accommodating. I am very observant, and I love to roam around so when I go to HQ, I take time to explore its facilities. I can say that every student will love to visit the UPOU HQ because of the facilities, particularly the Library and the other places that students can use as their study hub. As for co-UPOU students, they are welcoming and friendly. I joined this group at Discord where I meet some students from the same course that I am attending and I believe it is very helpful to have a community of students like that. 

[2] Its community, and as one of the people who has been studying online for years worth of semesters, I can guarantee that just like a certain parcel company, we will stop at nothing and find ways to reach out to the people that we like.

Now, let’s focus on the
like part. I have to be honest because some people are going to think that they would be special enough once they got here, but the truth is, we are all special in a way that no one is. So, I ask you to respect your fellow classmates as much as your teachers and don’t be afraid to make a friend or two. We have a community of heartwarming but busy people that would talk to you if you’re feeling weary or sad, with some even willing to help you out by giving you tips — that is if they like you. So, again, be nice and make some friends that are as special as you.