The UPCAT is only required for applicants of the BAMS and BES program. However, for BAMS and BES applicants, we suggest you read through this article first: General Information Bulletin on Undergraduate Admissions, to know if you do not have to take the UPCAT.

Meanwhile, only the following programs have admission exams:

Associate in Arts - Undergraduate Admission Test

Bachelor programs - UPCAT (check the UPCAT website to know who can take the UPCAT)

Master of Arts in Language and Literacy Education - MALLE Qualifying Exam

Master of International Health - MIH Qualifying Exam

Master of Public Management - MPM Graduate Admission Test

Master of Social Work - MSW Qualifying Exam

To know the admission requirements and procedures to these programs, please visit this page: How do I apply for a UPOU degree program?

Read through these published FAQ articles to check whether some of your questions regarding admission procedures, exams, requirements, etc. are addressed.