The Student Assistant and Graduate Assistant (SAGA) Program provides undergraduate and postgraduate students the opportunity to work and earn while pursuing their studies at the University. Aside from the compensation, students under SAGA Program are able to gain work experience that could help them prepare for employment, entrepreneurship, and community when they leave the University.

Eligibility of Student Assistants (SA):

  • Must be continuing student, eligible to enroll during the term when appointed as SA.
  • Must be an undergraduate student enrolled not more than twelve (12) units regular/normal load during the term appointed.
  • Students who are enrolled in less than twelve (12) units during the term are eligible to be appointed as SAs provided they are expected to graduate at the end of the current semester. The applicant must submit a certification issued by his/her Faculty Secretary stating he/she is a candidate for graduation in the said term. A student who is enrolled less than twelve (12) units during a semester due to reasons other than being candidates for graduation may be appointed as SA, provided that he/she submits a valid justification issued/endorsed by the Faculty Secretary and confirmed by the Dean.
  • For freshmen students, they must have finished at least one (1) semester in the CU.
  • For students below 18 years old, must have secured prior written consent from parents or guardian to serve as ┬áSA for a term.
  • Must not have a pending disciplinary case in the University.
  • The application is exclusively for UPOU students.


  2. Copy of Grades
  3. Form 5
  4. Certification (if necessary)

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For further inquiries and concerns, please email [email protected].