Continuing and non-continuing UPOU students (e.g. graduate, cross-enrollee, non-degree, AWOL, readmitted, on LOA, etc.) may request for documents through the Online Request for Document Systems (ORDS). The which is lodged in the Student Portal and enables the students / graduates to request documents such as transcript of records, certificates, true copy of grades, and the like regardless of their physical location and time zone.

Visit this link to know which documents are available to request.

Guidelines for Requesting Documents

  • Requests for documents are done through the Online Request for Documents System (ORDS)

The ORDS is accessible through the Students Portal; login to the Student Portal is required. Status of requests can be viewed in the Student Portal. The Office of the University Registrar Records Section does not accept requests made through phone calls or emails.

Note: The ORDS is temporarily unavailable. Instead, please make use of this Online Form to request documents. Some important reminders are also indicated in the Online Form.

  • Some documents require an approved university clearance before processing.

Documents that require an approved clearance are the following:

Transcript of Records

Transcript of Records (TOR) is released by the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) upon the student’s completion of a program, or if the student intends to transfer or discontinue his/her program of study in the university.

Official TORs from the student’s previous degree/s that are submitted to the university during admissions become part of the UPOU TOR, and are issued as certified true copies of the original TOR.

The OUR does not issue a partial TOR for continuing students, True of Copy of Grades or Certification of Units Earned may be requested in lieu of a TOR.

Honorable Dismissal

Transfer Credential Certificate

Permit to Transfer


Processing of University Clearance takes at least 20 working days upon receipt of the request.

You can view the application for clearance here: Application for University Clearance

  • Students whose documents will be shipped to an international address should email [email protected] for the assessment of international mailing fee. 

  • Only requests with payment receipts or with successful credit card payments will be processed.

View payment options here: Payment of FeesThe proof of payment must be uploaded in the Online Form.

  • The Office of the University Registrar observes timelines for processing requests.

The OUR observes the following timelines:

  • Transcript of Records

First time request : 20 working days upon receipt of payment (additional 2 weeks during peak season)

Succeeding requests : 7 working days (additional 5 working days during peak season)

  • Certifications and other requests

7 working days (additional 5 working days during peak season)

Contact information for document requests

UPOU Records Section
document_reques[email protected]
[email protected]
(6349) 536-6001 local 103/104