The course development process in the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU) has evolved since its establishment in 1995. In its early years of operation, UPOU utilized the print-based course materials. By 2007, UPOU has begun transitioning to delivering its courses fully online. Except for learning activities where face-to-face interaction is irreplaceable (e.g., clinical practicum), all courses have been offered online ever since.

UPOU has adopted Resource-Based Course Package (RBCP) as an approach to course materials development. Compared to the traditional print-based course materials, RBCP course materials take shorter time to produce and are therefore less costly. In online resource-based courses, students work with a combination of personalized learning materials such as study and activity guides and existing materials such as textbooks, websites, and rich media resources, instead of pre-packaged course materials.

How do we develop the RBCP?

1. The basis for the development of the resource-based course package is the course syllabus.

2. Guided by the approved course syllabus, the Program Chair manages the development of the course package in coordination with the Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services (OASIS) and the Multimedia Center (MC).

Production of the RBCP involves:

a. Creation of course development team

b. Course writing workshops

c. Preparation of course package

d. Multimedia production

e. Course material review

3. A resource-based course package includes a study guide, a course guide, online learning resources, discussion forum questions, assignment guide, other formative assessment tools, and final examination/terminal requirement.

4. The course author, in consultation with or upon the advice of the instructional designer and with the help of the Program Chair may request the Multimedia Center in producing a new set of multimedia materials.

5. Before the start of the term, Faculties-In-Charge are required to build the course site (MyPortal) by populating the site with all the resources in the RBCP.

Once the course material packages have been developed, the actual courses are taught in the online mode of delivery. Click on this link to learn about UPOU's mode of teaching.