To give you an idea on how the University of the Philippines Open University was established, here’s a quick historical background of the university.


The formal start of the use of distance education in the UP Los Baños (UPLB) when then UPLB Chancellor Emil Q. Javier created a task force to study the use of distance education to upgrade the science and mathematics teachers through an Administrative Order on 18 April 1964.


Radio broadcasting and the school-on-the-air program (SOA)or Paaralang Panghimpapawid was introduced and aired over DZLB by UPLB.


The UP Board of Regents approved the institution of the first formal program offered by distance education—the Diploma in Science Teaching (DST) program with majors in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics.


Then UP President Jose Abueva created a Distance Education Committee to study the desirability and feasibility of Distance Education in the University.

The UP Board of Regents officially approved the UP Distance Education Program.

Dr. Emil Q. Javier was appointed as the 16th UP President and one of the seven-point agenda under his administration was the democratization of access to UP education. A Distance Education Office was organized for each autonomous campus of the UP System wherein Dr. Maria Cristina D. Padolina served as its first Executive Director.


The establishment of UPOU was approved by the UP Board of Regents as the fifth autonomous campus of the UP System—becoming a full-fledged university and one of the eight campuses of the UP System.Each campus’ Distance Education Office (Diliman, Los Banos, Manila, Iloilo) was turned into Schools for Distance Education (SDE). 


UPOU was reorganized and the SDEs were turned into ‘discipline-based Faculties’ which are: Faculty of Education, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Management Science, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, and Faculty of Science and Technology. UPOU offered courses which consisted of self-learning modules planned and developed by expert UP faculty. Monthly study sessions are conducted with a coordinator and tutors to assist distance learners/students in their learning process.


As UPOU shifts from print-based materials to online mode of delivery, the number of learning centers decreases. UPOU started offering online tutorial which changed the role of learning centers.

The Learning Centers were renamed into Learning Hubs.

For more information about the UPOU, visit this page: About the UP Open University.