When the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU) adopted online learning as a mode to deliver its courses in 2007, it developed a website where students can access their courses and student support services as well as receive important notifications from the university. It is called MyPortal, an open source learning management system, or UPOU's virtual classroom, powered by Moodle. MyPortal is where you can access all your courses and other relevant information related to your studies. MyPortal includes repository of resources such as guides and syllabi, and manual and references; communication hub where discussion forums, private messages and chat sessions are being done; and assessment where assignments are submitted and examinations and quizzes are administered.

All the interactions between and among teachers and students take place in MyPortal. Each online course (or subject) would have its own virtual classroom or what we in UPOU call the ‘course site.'

MyPortal has features that enable the teacher and the learners to interact with one another:

  • Discussion boards to facilitate dialogue between and among the teacher and students
  • Announcements to remind students of requirements
  • Chats for real-time conversations
  • Repository for online learning materials
  • Facility for submission of assignments and other course requirements by the students
  • Wiki, blogs, and other tools for collaboration

The UPOU MyPortal Homepage (https://myportal.upou.edu.ph/ )