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There are no installment plans for paying tuition and other fees. Fees are paid in full. However, you may want to check information about the Student Loan program.

Application Fees (non-refundable)

Applicants based in the PhilippinesPhp 350.00Php 500.00Php 500.00
Applicants based abroadUSD 75.00USD 100.00USD 100.00

Enrollment Fees

Tuition fee per unitPhp 1000.00Php 1000.00Php 1000.00
Miscellaneous fee*Php 2000.00/trimPhp 2000.00/semPhp 2000.00/sem
Laboratory feePhp 400.00-800.00/subjectPhp 400.00-800.00/subjectPhp 400.00-800.00/subject
Instructional Materials fee (pdf copy)Php 100.00/coursePhp 100.00/coursePhp 100.00/course
Instructional Materials fee (printed copy)Php 100.00-1000.00/coursePhp 100.00-1000.00/coursePhp 100.00-1000.00/course

*breakdown of Miscellaneous fees

  • Energy fee    Php 250.00
  • Library fee    Php 1,100.00
  • Registration fee    Php 40.00
  • Technology fee    Php 610.00

Additional Enrollment Fees for New Students

ID feePhp 130.00Php 130.00Php 130.00
DepositPhp 100.00Php 100.00Php 100.00
EntrancePhp 30.00Php 30.00Php 30.00

Educational Development Fund (EDF) for Non Filipino Students

Resident AlienUSD 150.00/semUSD 250.00/sem
USD 60.00/mid-yearUSD 60.00/mid-year
USD 30.00/residencyUSD 50.00/residency
Non-Resident AlienUSD 300.00/semUSD 500.00/sem
USD 120.00/mid-yearUSD 200.00/mid-year
USD 60.00/residencyUSD 100.00/residency

Other Fees

MPM Graduate Admission Test (GAT) FeePhp 500.00
Doctoral Admission Test in Education (DATE) FeePhp 500.00
Change of MatriculationPhp 10.00/course
Removal ExaminationPhp 20.00/course
Dropping of SubjectPhp 10.00/unit
Filing for Leave of AbsencePhp 150.00
Readmission FeePhp 225.00
Graduation FeePhp 300.00
Validation Exam FeePhp 100.00/course
Clinical Practicum Fee (for selected MAN courses)Php 600.00-1000.00/course

Transfer Tuition

Any student transferring from one program to another in the University after he/she has paid his/her matriculation fees must pay an amount corresponding to the difference, if any, in tuition and miscellaneous fees. In addition, he/she must pay a change of registration fee.

Sample Assessment of Fees

View a sample assessment of fees here.

Contact information for registration and fees concerns

Enrollment/Registration Section
(6349) 536-6001 local 102/106