A limited number of scholarship grants and other forms of financial assistance is available to qualified students.

The assistance is made possible through the generosity of donors and institutions that have joined the UP Open University (UPOU) in providing better opportunities for education.

Here is the list of scholarships programs at UPOU. You can also check this website for other scholarship programs.

Read through the frequently asked questions about UPOU Scholarships in this solution article: FAQs on UPOU Scholarship Grants.

Student Loan Program

The UPOU Student Loan Program (SLP) is intended to provide financial assistance to qualified students of UP Open University to enable them to complete their registration.

Applying for Student Loan

Step 1. Fill-out the SLP Application Form

Step 2. Submit the filled out SLP application form or email scanned copy to [email protected] on the 1st day until the 5th day of the registration period.

Step 3. Await the decision of the Student Loan Board, which shall meet three days after the last day of the loan application.

Step 4. The applicants will be notified of the official result of their application through email.

Step 5. Student register online and pays the fees reflected in the assessment of fees page.

Step 6. Student loan grantee pays the loan amount at the end of the term

Deadline of application is every 5th day of registration period. To know when this is, always check the UPOU Academic Calendar.

For further inquiries and concerns about the SLP, send an email to [email protected].