The UP Open University Commencement Exercises are held yearly at the UPOU Headquarters in Los Baños, Laguna. It is participated by officials of UPOU and the UP System, faculty, staff, and graduates of degree and associate programs of UPOU.

Attendance in the general commencement exercises is optional. All candidates shall wear the official UP Sablay and official UPOU pin instead of the traditional academic gown. While for Doctoral graduates, they are required to wear the PhD hood aside from the UP Sablay and UPOU pin.

Previous graduates who were unable to join the graduation ceremonies during the time of their graduation are allowed to join in the succeeding ceremony provided that they will inform the Office of the University Registrar one (1) month before the scheduled date of graduation.

Students must submit application as candidates for graduation to the Office of the Dean. They shall be recommended for graduation by the faculty of their respective faculty offices after having satisfied all academic and other requirements prescribed for graduation.

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Graduation Checklist

Application for Graduation

  • The “No application”, “No graduation” policy is strictly implemented. The application for graduation serves as the basis for evaluating the record of the student/candidate. If the student is completing all the academic requirements of the program on his/her last enrollment, s/he should apply for graduation on or before the deadline for filing of application for graduation on that particular term. Please refer to the academic calendar for the deadline for filing the application for graduation.
  • View the Application for Graduation procedure here.

Note: The next checklist shall be done only by the confirmed graduates and upon the advise of the Office of the University Registrar (OUR).

Payment of Graduation Fee and Processing of University Clearance

  • Pay the graduation fee of three hundred pesos (PhP 300.00) which is inclusive of diploma.
  • Accomplish the University Clearance form and submit it to the OUR together with the proof of payment for graduation fee. The approved university clearance is required for the release of official academic documents such as transcript of records and diploma.
  • View the General Procedures for Payment of Fees here.
  • View the Application for University Clearance procedure here.

Confirmation of Attendance for the commencement program (optional)

  • The confirmation of attendance allows the OUR to determine the number of attendees in the rehearsal and commencement program.
  • Wait an email from the OUR for further instructions for the confirmation of attendance.

UP Alumni Association (UPAA) Membership

  • All graduates automatically become a member of the UP Alumni Association.
  • Read the UP Alumni Privacy Notice and UPAA Privacy Notice.
  • Print and accomplish the UPAA Membership form and pay the alumni fee of three hundred pesos (PhP 300.00) which covers the annual membership fee and two thousand five hundred pesos (PhP 2,000) for the lifetime membership to the UPAA Alumni Association.
  • Download the UPAA Membership form here.

UPOU Alumni Foundation Membership (optional)

  • Print and accomplish the UPOU Alumni Foundation Membership form.
  • Pay the alumni fee of three hundred pesos (PhP 300.00) which serves as a partial payment for the lifetime membership fee of one thousand five hundred pesos (PhP 1,500.00) to the UPOU Alumni Foundation.
  • Download the UPOU Alumni Membership form here.

Sablay / PhD Hood / UPOU Pin (optional)

  • Graduates who will attend the graduation ceremony are required to wear the UP Sablay.
  • The proper way of wearing and shifting the UP Sablay must be strictly followed.
  • UP Sablay and UPOU pins are available during the graduation rehearsal, or may be bought by sending an email to [email protected].
  • Watch the proper way of shifting the UP Sablay here.

Dress Code for Graduation

  • View the dress code here.

Summary of Fees for Graduation

  • View the summary of fees for Graduation here.

Contact information for UPOU Commencement Exercises

Student Records and Appraisal Section
Office of the University Registrar
UP Open University

Ms. Fe V. Secreto
Ms. Phoebe  Alcazar
Tel No: (6349) 536-6001 local 103/104
[email protected]