This article lists the frequently asked questions on UP Open University (UPOU)-organized webinars, e.g. Edu-Hack, EDUKussion, Futures Research Series, InfoTeach, Let's Talk It Over Series, and Master Class.

Please read each item carefully.

Please read the information contained in the UPOU webinar posters thoroughly. The webinar registration links are shown in the posters.

To get a certificate of attendance for each webinar, please answer the webinar evaluation. Links for the evaluation shall be given at the ending part of the live webinar.  

The contact information of UPOU webinar organizers are provided at the bottom of this page.

1. How to register/join a UPOU webinar?

Registration links are provided in the webinar poster or other information materials posted online (UPOU website, official UPOU social media accounts, etc.). An interested individual can register until the webinar opens.

The webinar shall be live streamed in the UPOU Networks website (

or via the UPOU Networks - Multimedia Center Facebook page (

2. I did not receive an email after registration, what do I do?

Please check not only the inbox of your email, but as well as your spam folder. Sometimes emails about the webinar link goes to your spam folder.

Take note that at the end of the online registration process, the webinar link shall be provided. Please copy, save, or bookmark the link provided.

3. I indicated the wrong email address on the registration form.

Try accomplishing the registration form once again and correct your information, only if it allows you to submit a new registration form. Otherwise, watch out for the live stream of the webinar on the UPOU Networks or UPOU Networks - Multimedia Center Facebook page on the day of the webinar.

If you are worried about your certificate, just make sure that you listen attentively to the webinar when they announce the guidelines and link for the evaluation form. You can claim a certificate as long as you accomplish the evaluation form.

4. Are UPOU webinars free and open to all?

Yes, UPOU webinars are free and open to unlimited interested participants, unless otherwise specified.

5. Do UPOU webinars give certificates to viewers?

Yes, a certificate of attendance is given to a participant who answered the online evaluation form of the webinar. However, there are webinars that give online quizzes at the end of the session and shall only give certificates to those who get a passing score.

6. How do I claim my certificate?

A certificate is given after a participant has accomplished the evaluation form. It shall be emailed to the email address you provided in the evaluation form.


a) The evaluation links are flashed on the screen by the end of the webinar, so please watch and listen attentively.

b) Evaluation site shall be available for a limited number of hours, usually only 6 hours after the event has concluded.

If you were not able to get the links, you can replay the recorded video to get the link.  

The evaluation form may initially not accept responses right after the webinar, but please wait a few minutes, then refresh the site.

The certificates shall be issued within three days after you have answered the evaluation. If you did not receive a certificate after three days, contact your UPOU webinar organizer. Contact information is provided at the bottom of this page.

If you were not able to claim a certificate, watch out for succeeding webinars.

7. Is there a time limit to accomplishing the evaluation form?

Usually, evaluation forms are only available within 6 hours after the end of the live stream. It is best to listen attentively and watch out for announcements regarding the evaluation form.

8. I would like to request for a new certificate because I entered some wrong information (e.g. misspelled name).

No new certificates shall be issued. Please make sure that you enter the correct spelling of your name/s before submitting your evaluation form.

9. Is a replay of a UPOU webinar available?

Yes, you can watch previous webinars on the UPOU Networks (  

10. Can I get a copy of the presentation slides or materials used by the resource persons?

Presentation slides are not shared with us by the speakers, hence we cannot share the materials with the audience. But you can always review the webinar replays as reference. 

11. Can you inform me/share with me links of upcoming UPOU webinars?

Upcoming UPOU webinars will always be announced and shared on our official social media pages and website. Always keep posted on our social media pages for updates.

Contact information of UPOU Webinar Organizers

by the UPOU Office of the Chancellor
[email protected]

by the UPOU Faculty of Education
[email protected]

Futures Research Series 
by the UPOU Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
[email protected]

by the UPOU Faculty of Information and Communication Studies
[email protected]

Let's Talk It Over
by the UPOU Faculty of Management and Development Studies
[email protected]

Master Class
by the UPOU Faculty of Information and Communication Studies
[email protected]