Admission to the UPOU Continuing Education Programs

This article will guide you through relevant information about the Continuing Education Programs. Please read through this article carefully.

Here is the list of offered Continuing Education Programs (CEP). Click on each program's abbreviation to view more information (course description, course objectives, mode of instruction, admission requirements, etc.) about the program.

I. Health and Social Development Cluster

  1. Caring for the Child with Special Needs (CCSN)
  2. Impact Assessment and Poverty Alleviation Course: Focus on Technology and Capacity Development (IAPA)

II. Environmental Cluster

  1. Integrating Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management Policies, Plans and Investments toward Inclusive and Sustainable Agricultural and Rural Development (ICCADRM4ISARD)
  2. Organic Agriculture (OA)
  3. Responding to Climate Risks in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management (RCRANRM)
  4. Permaculture Systems Design Thinking (PSTD)

III. Entrepreneurship Cluster

  1. Digital Marketing (DM)
  2. Introduction to Electronic Commerce (eCOM)
  3. New Enterprise Planning (NEP)
  4. Personal Entrepreneurial Development (PED)
  5. Simplified Accounting for Entrepreneurs (SAfE)

To apply for the programs, please accomplish this Online Sign-up Form

You can find the schedule of CEP offerings in this link.

Details of course offerings will also be emailed a month before the start of class. This includes the admission form with the assessment of fees and payment procedures. Kindly wait for an email from the Faculty of Management and Development Studies-CEP.

For inquiries regarding the schedule of course offerings, send an email to [email protected].