Established on 23 February 1995, the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU) pioneered in online teaching and learning and continues to play a leading role in the study and practice of open learning and distance education in the Philippines. UPOU is the fifth autonomous campus of the UP System.

UPOU is envisioned as a leader in teaching and learning in the digital age, helping to equip Filipinos with the knowledge and skills they need for life and work in the 21st century.

Our mission is to provide Filipinos everywhere access to quality higher education through innovative methods of teaching and learning that are designed to be responsive to their needs as well as to national development priorities. We uphold the values of scholarship, academic excellence, academic freedom, humanism, social responsibility, and service to the nation.

UPOU is also mandated to contribute towards upgrading the quality of the educational system of the country by developing innovative instructional strategies and technologies, and sharing these with other colleges and universities through cooperative programs. Republic Act 10650 (Open Distance Learning Law) has tasked UPOU to assist relevant national agencies, higher education institutions, and technical and vocational institutions in developing their distance education programs through training, technical assistance, research and other academic programs.

We are the nation’s most comprehensive distance education institution, with three undergraduate programs, 13 post-baccalaureate certificate and diploma programs, 12 master’s programs, two doctoral programs and non-formal courses. We have a network of 8 learning centers and 20 testing centers in the country and abroad. This coupled with our ability to harness a wide range of digital technologies in education, have enabled us to build a global community of mostly Filipino learners in more than 70 countries.

As the "Cyber Campus" of the UP System, the UP Open University (UPOU) caters to Filipino and foreign students both locally and abroad. It employs the distance education (DE) mode of teaching and learning. DE uses all forms of media for teaching and learning, removing the necessity of physical proximity, and provides flexibility for working individuals. 

In DE, students are given specially designed learning materials for a guided independent study, and interaction among students and teachers takes place online. 

In UPOU, students are given access to an online site called MyPortal, where all learning and teaching takes place. 


Examinations may be arranged to take place Mega Learning Hubs or other locations around the country.

Admitted students based outside the Philippines are advised how, when and where examinations can be taken through the Office of Student Affairs Exam Services Program


Please click on the links for a list of degree programs, non-formal courses, free massive open online courses we offer, the deadline of submission of application, and tuition and other fees.


To apply, visit our solution articles on program admissions, or visit the UPOU Office of the University Registrar website (

You can check frequently asked questions about UPOU here: Frequently Asked Questions.